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The joy of new life

After a year of illness, death, dislocation, and lots of healing, reconnecting and creating a new home base for myself in Idaho, I recently had the good fortune of a new mosaic commission. What a joyful and welcome relief, for what feels like a new beginning in life.

My client came to me through the referral of a previous client (thank you Carol B!). I have been so gifted with such lovely and interesting people to work with in my years doing mosaic. This time was no exception. From the minute we began conversing, I felt a connection with Wilma, and her warm, appreciative tone. Right away she sent me photos of the window where she wanted my art to go, to replace an old leaded-glass piece, and from there we began an ongoing conversation from there leading from the design to the final production of the piece. Here's what she sent me:

She also sent me some photos of the hummingbirds she likes most, so that I could add them to the two mosaic light paintings that will hang in the widows of her bathroom.

She was interested in the process, so I sent her photos as the project developed. At one point, when she told me that the previously "pink" flowers in my design reminded her of the Black-eyed Susans of her childhood, I switched colors to make the piece more personal for her. Here are some shots taken during the process to show my client the design as I created it, allowing her to participate in the creative play:

The final pieces, both sides shown:

What fun creating art again. The joyful spirit of the hummingbirds truly blessed my creative process. Their playful energy has inspired a new adventure. After delivering the new mosaic hummingbird windows in San Francisco, I embarked on a new journey to Guatemala. Here, in the very land of hummingbirds, I've come to meet the creative force of the Mayan heartland once again.

I am so grateful to my friends Nancy Linn and Gracie, who have offered me their exquisite guest house for my stay. Pretty fun "coming home" to Hummingbird Heaven in San Pedro la Laguna!!! As the name implies, hummingbirds reign in this this paradise, loving the lush sweetness of the bountiful gardens.

The local Mayan name for San Pedto la Laguna is Tz’ununya’—Hummingbird water. This beautiful new mural greeted me on my first day here. Created by local artists Henry and Chepe Mendez, it captures the beauty, mystery and tradition of the Maya.

Seeing my friend Barbara in her magic garden was also filled with hummingbird light--quite literally. The LED hummer in her garden and the tiny, preserved ones on her altar made my heart swoon. The orange, luminescent feathers on that little hummer is amazing!

The next day, I set out for my massage appointment and saw this

And this

So I should not have been surprised when I arrived at my destination--a massage appointment, where not one but TWO hummingbirds showed up to chatter and sing in the open-air studio where Angela Stone worked her magic on me. A masseuse who attracts hummingbirds in her home is gifted indeed! I enjoyed the most exquisite “healing“ experience, listening to the hummers reprogram my body, mind, and spirit with their playful chirping while Angela worked out my physical kinks. Incredible! And I’ve never felt better


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