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Mosaics for the Garden

Stepping Stones

Mosaic makes a great medium for for the garden, and stepping stones are a fun and easy way to personalize your space without a lot of expense or planning.


Many of my recent designs for stepping stones draw upon the day signs in the Mayan Sacred Calendar. 





Garden Transformations

A client's vision of the Buddist goddess Quan Yin sitting on her lotus, riding a turtle, came to life in a magical mosaic sculpture.  In another garden, an ugly well cover became the focal point of the area, surrounded by a symphony of mosaics bordering the flowerbeds.

Have a dream you'd like to realize for your garden?


Pebble Mosaic Patio

This patio graces a beautiful oceanview mountaintop meadow in Santa Cruz, California.  The use of natural stone enhances the natural environment, surrounded by redwood forest.


For this project, I created a collection of stepping stones in varying sizes and shapes using only polished mosaic pebbles.  Later, these pieces were set into the stone patio and further enhanced by adding playfull touches with the pebbles in betweeen the cracks.

Mural of Mayan Nahuales

For this garden wall in  Guesthouse  in Antigua Guatemala, the Mayan Day-sign (nahual) for each member of my friend, Marta's family, including mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers, was created using traditional Antigua painted tiles.  A fusion of Colonial and Mayan Cultures with the use of Colonial-style tile interpretting the centerpiece of the Mayan culture.  As you view the slideshow, you will notice that some family members share the same sign, but are interpreted with different materials.  A tribute to a beautiful family, culture, and tradition.

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