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Open the floodgates!

After a long dry spell due to covid restrictions , my mosaic career gained new life this fall after I was able to exhibit my work here in McCall, Idaho, where I have been making my home base over the last year and a half. I did not realize how much my creative flow came to a halt during COVID. Ceasing to show my work in person, interrupted the natural creative process. Clearly, a big part of the reason we make visual art is so that people will SEE it!! So, after a year in which I had almost no artistic inspiration.

I was pleased when a window of opportunity to show my work came this September. At "Art in the Courtyard", a show created by a local artist gallery collective, Gallery 55, I was encouraged and embraced b the local art community. I've never so welcomed and cared for in an exhibition setting. Most importantly, the show got my creative juices flowing...

One of the highlights of the show was selling this piece, Bodyscape #1, to an old friend and artist, Paul Bush. I enjoyed meeting some other lovely artist folks, and truly enjoyed sharing my work with the public once again. I also sold the Golden Spiral console table, a vintage piece that I created in the late 1990s.

In addition to selling a few things, I got a commission for a new mosaic light painting. The only request was that it focus on water, that water be the inspiration for the piece. As the artist whose been on his own personal and artistic "Pilgrimage to the Sea" for nearly 20 years, I was beyond enthused to create this piece. I call it "Magic Healing Stream"

There is a little stream that I've been walking to most days when I am in McCall. I've found healing there, and during the time I created this peace, I became more deeply aware of how healing water is. How much water loves us--think of all the ways. From my sketchbook during this time...

After completing this Magic Healing Stream mosaic light painting, I set out for Guatemala, where another commission awaited me, as well as more inspired healing work!


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