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Mosaic for Your Daily Bathing Ritual

Dramatic Effects

Colored glass, when combined with strips of mirror, creates a stunning interplay of color and light, bringing light into an otherwise dark space.

Here, the effect was used in the shower surround as well as the sink backsplash. 


Natural polished pebble was used inside the tub area, providing a natural contrast to the bold, graphic look and adds a wonderful feeling texture to the shower floor.


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"...a little bit like fairies dancing on water."

I like to use materials that are readily at hand.  By breaking commercially available tile into irregular shapes and adding irridescent glass accents, an organic pattern is acheived that is more natural in feeling.  This technique was perfect for the client in Queens, NY, who wanted something light, and natural, like "fairies dancing on water."

Clean & Simple

Shower floors and borders in tile walls are natural places for mosaic.  In this New York City installation,  I created a  natural-feeling mosaic border of pebble, glass, and ceramic tile, that  is still very easy for the client to clean.  Combines beautifully with the pebble shower floor that has a few glass gems mixed in as well, for a little bubbly light.


Many ask if this kind of pebble mosaic floor isn't slippery or uncomfortable to step on.  In  fact, it is a good, non-slip surface that feels wonderful to the touch

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