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A Hearth
Gives Heart to the Home.


For this contemporary home in the desert foothills, a soft pallet of cool greys and greens were used in this fireplace surround.  A variey of colored- and reverse-painted glass was used in different shapes, forms and textures to create an organic, painterly design.


Fireplaces are excellent, visually impacting places to feature the art of mosaic.  Mosaic holds up well to cleaning, making it an excellent option for fireplace surrounds.  Please contact me to discuss a permanent, personal work of art for your home or business.

Above: Detail of hearth, at right.

Firelight Beach Walk


This fireplace includes treasures from a lifetime of walks on beaches around the world.  I combined the owner's collections with my own glass gems so that when the fireplace is lit, the hearth sparkles like tidepools in the moonlight.

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