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Mosaic Planters for a Brooklyn Brownstone

These planters were created for a friend's stoop in Brooklyn, NY.  They needed to be heavy enough to make stealing them difficult, but still moveable for winter storage.  They "bloom" all year round.

Here, you're witness to the pure sense of joy I discovered, working out the nature-based images as I gradually placed the mosaic pieces on the planter, turning it as I went, applying my design, gradually  evolving one motif with the next.  

Here are three different stories, told as one.  Three large planters were commissioned by a couple;  one for themselves, and one for each of their daughters.  One of the daughters loves The Giant Wave, a Japanese print that I've always loved too.  Creating this was, for me, a special tribute to my own "Pilgrimage to the Sea" and the mystical and healing aspects of water.  The next, for a writer, paddle board fanatic and music lover, was inspired by poetry and music as well as our shared love of the water.  Its sprinkled with written words bold design, for a woman not afraid of being bold.  The last piece was influenced by Mayan textile design, representing the nearby foothills of Boise, Idaho, and the rivers and mountains of that great state, including Sun Valley, a special spot for the owners.

Telling Stories

Mosaic by Blake Sherlock ©2016
Mosaic by Blake Sherlock ©2016
Mosaic by Blake Sherlock ©2016
Mosaic by Blake Sherlock ©2016

Recently, I've been experimenting with embedding mosaic in cast concrete.  To do this, I create a mold, using a bucket lined with plastic strips onto which I place my mosaic pieces.  I create my design on these strips much like weavers in Guatemala make the patterns on their woven belts and fabric, piecing the small strips together to create a fabric.  I'm pretty excited about continuing to experiment with these new techniques and ancient inspirations.

Inventing new techniques alongside an ancient culture

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