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12 Batz--Creative Overdrive

Yesterday was 12 Batz in the Mayan sacred calendar, a day favoring the arts and artists, and means "thread" or, more specifically, the thread of time. The glyph of Batz shows a spindle with time wound up at the top, becoming history as it unwinds down between the dualities of life shown on each side.

This is a beautiful opportunity to share with you the results of from my project, "The Nawal Garden", where I teach mosaic techniques for the garden while we produce a mosaic representation of the glyph representing each of the 20 days in the Mayan sacred calendar. The two curves of white cubes include words that helps us to describe the Nawal. On the reverse side, I have incorporated actual woven textile from a scrap of cloth I had saved. You can see the stripes of the fabric from San Pedro La Laguna in the two downward curves made of glass cubes, which magnify the textile.

Carolyn was my student for this piece, a delightful young woman whose enthusiasm for learning the art of mosaic enfused with a creative energy.

You can see this and other new mosaics at my show and sale coming up this Sunday, October 20, from 12-5 pm, at Welcome Home Guesthouse in Antigua.

With a show coming up, its no surprise that 12 Batz comes at a point of intense creativity and creation. I've finished up a new series of vessels based on butterflies, as well as a trio of "mosaic light paintings", two of which include found butterflies. Here's a sneak peak from the studio:

I can't wait to share this new work! But wait, there's more, including a new mosaic table top and a mosaic mural in the shower here at Welcome Home.

I so appreciate the sunshine and creative energy of this day for it has more than helped me in accomplishing grand feats of art-making in one, glorious day.

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