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Garden views at Las Vistas

I recently finished up these new mosaics for a stunning bathroom on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The space couldn't be more dramatic or inviting.

The client asked for garden flowers in the design, reflective of the extensive plantings leading up to her home, and unique Airbnb rental, called "Las Vistas" in Santa Cruz la Laguna.

The project includes a glass mosaic window--one of my "mosaic light paintings" as I like to call them, where a painting on glass is illuminated with the glass mosaic from behind it. The two-sided work had to be equally beautiful inside and out. Here it is from inside the bathroom over the spa bathtub.

Here's a close up of the piece where you can see a bit of the brushwork of my painting on the glass, which I did before putting the glass mosaic over it.

Of course, the client wanted to be able to open this beautiful window, to enjoy the moonlight, or fresh air. I designed the piece so that it would open in middle, and I worked closely with a local blacksmith to work out the perfect dimensions for the piece. I think it looks great open as well as closed.

From the outside, the piece looks quite different as you see the glass mosaic and tile grout.

Once we completed the window, it was on to mosaic backsplashes on either side to complement the window and existing artisanal tile that was installed when the house was built. I added the swirling garden vines and fantasy flowers using traditional Guatemalan painted tiles. It was a fun exploration of this material, and I look forward to using more of this readily available material that is produced here in Antigua Guatemala.

Left side:

Right Side:

Here's a shot of the whole project:

And if you want to make a very special trip to Lake Atitlan, book yourself a night or two at Las Vistas and enjoy these mosaics for yourself!

Here's the link:

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