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New Classes in Antigua Guatemala

After the tremendous interest in my last class here in Antigua, I am happy to announce the following schedule of classes. Classes are limited to 8 students. To Register, please contact me today to reserve your space.

March 16-17: Applying Mosaic to Outdoor Surfaces

In this class you will learn the techniques necessary to apply mosaic to concrete and stone walls, tables, stepping stones, sculpture and more. Each student will create a mosaic tile that can be framed, mounted to a concrete wall, set into a table, or used as a trivet, to take home. 10 am to 4pm each day with a break for lunch. $50 or 350 Quetzales.

March 23-24, Storytelling with Glass Mosaic.

Combining the techniques of reverse-glass painting, collage, decopage and mosaic, students will explore the fun of creating stories with your pieces by incorporating words and images into your project. Each student will create a cylindrical vessel that combines mosaic with these other mixed media. 10 am to 4pm each day with a break for lunch. $50 or 350 Quetzales.

March 30-31, Embedded Mosaic in Cast Concrete.

Learn the techniques and materials required to create pieces of cast concrete that can be used as stepping stones, pathway pavers, table tops, and more. Each student will create a 12" round stepping stone with their own mosaic design. You'll learn how to mix your own concrete, and create a mosaic that is solidly imbedded in the concrete. In clouds materials. 10 am to 3 pm Saturday, 1-4 pm Sunday. $50 or 350 Quetzales.

April 12-15, A Found Materials Journey: Creating Mosaic with found materials

We'll begin this class by taking a walk in the historic village of Antigua Guatemala. In addition to our walking tour, we'll be on the look out for unique materials to incorporate into a mosaic project. Learn to open your eyes and your senses to the materials around you. After collecting their treasures, students will learn basic mosaic cutting, setting, and grouting techniques while enjoying the liberty to make art out of trash, things found on the street, in thrift stores, and at the Public Market. I will take you on my favorite walks in Antigua, and coach you though the process of making art out of many materials. We'll discuss the "meaning" behind the materials, and create a mosaic mirror that you can take home. 10 am to 4 pm, with a break for lunch each day, including walking tours, instruction and studio time. $100 or Q750

May 18-19 Illuminated Glass Mosaics: Create your own "Personal Planet"

Create a globe lamp of jewel-toned glass, with words and images hidden underneath the glass pieces, making it very unique and special. Please bring your own photos and words to the class. Learn the techniques for creating glass mosaic on glass forms that can be used to decorate lampshades, vases, candle vessels, and windows. I'll teach you glass cutting techniques, design strategies for working on a three-dimensional form. Students will a glass globe lamp, as seen below. 10 am to 4 pm, with a break for lunch each day, instruction and studio time. Includes all materials, $200 or Q1500.

June 1-2 Mosaic Mural Techniques

Learn special techniques for creating larger mosaics that can be applied to concrete walls and surfaces to make backsplashes, murals, and the like. Students will create two 12' by 12" mosaics that can be installed in their own home or garden wall. We will use ceramic, tile, stone, and glass materials to create a pair of unique artworks that you can take home and install in your own home. $200 or Q1500

June 18-22 Mosaic as Healing

In this unique class I'll share my experiences working with mosaic as a healing technique. Students will learn how to use mosaic as a healing technique for helping to focus intentions, and for healing experiences that have left us feeling broken or imbalanced, Mosaic is a wonderful metaphor for unity, wholeness and the integration of disparate or conflicted parts. Mosaic is a media that can be used to help us create beauty out of chaos and division. We will discuss some of these more esoteric ideas while learning the basic techniques for creating decorative mosaic artworks. Students will create three mosaic pieces in the class: a mosaic heart, a mosaic mirror, and a mosaic candle vessel. All materials included. $350

July 13-14: Decorative Glass Mosaic Techniques

Learn the techniques for making your own beautiful glass mosaic pieces to decorate your home or to give as gifts. In this class you will make a tea light holder, a soap/lotion dispenser, and candle vessel/vase. All material and instruction included. 10 am to 1 pm daily. $350

August 19-23: Mosaic Windows

Create your own mosaic light paintings in this 5-day workshop. I'll share with you the techniques for creating stunning glass mosaic windows to hide an ugly view, create visual interest, add privacy, or simply add beauty to your home. We will cover glass cutting techniques as well as glass painting, and explore the two-sidedness of the window medium. I'll show you how to color your own grout, so that you can add another painterly dimension to your work. We'll draw inspiration from looking at Impressionist painters, and produce an 11 x 14 inch glass mosaic painting that you can take home. Includes framing. $500

Be on the lookout for more class dates to come!

Remember, I have three beautiful guest rooms here, so why not combine your class with a trip to the heart of the Colonial Guatemala?

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