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Teaching My Mosaic Secrets

I had a wonderful time this past weekend teaching 8 people, in English and Spanish, how I create mosaic art. Each student created a unique and beautiful mosaic heart, utilizing a variety of materials from my collections of treasured bits and pieces.

Elyse, an Airbnb guest who just happened to be here staying at our guest house, Welcome Home, had always wanted to learn how to do mosaic. What a fortuitous coincidence. Look at the piece she created:

Tracy, an acquaintance from my years of living on Lake Atitlan, and an Airbnb host herself, it turns out, came down from Panajachel for the weekend and stayed in the Lake Room while taking the class. She made a lovely piece to commemorate her 5-year wedding anniversary, this Valentine's Day.

Susan, a painter, and her daughter, Sara, a special-needs camp counselor, came and took the class together. Persistence and patience with a new medium really paid off as these two really explored the medium using a variety of materials. Oh the highs and the lows!!!--Susan knows--how hard it is to work with pieces of multiple thicknesses. She met the challenge of melding the pieces together beautifully.

My dear friend, Maureen, claims she's never taken an art class. A natural eye for photography, she's been capturing the beauty of life in Guatemala since moving here in May of last year. She chose a variety of Guatemalan "snapshots" placed under glass pieces, a gift for her brother who visited last year.

Maureen brought her landlady and friend, Paula, along. What a delightful woman, so gracious and enjoyable to be in class with.

We enjoyed a deliciious pepian lunch prepared by Julio's sister, Emilia, who had already asked be for some private lessons or she would have been making a heart too. We were joined by our friends Chris and Pablo, who create a unique heart in two pieces.

At the end of the day, I, for one, felt so energized by the newly found creativity discovered by my students. It felt so gratifying to share some of my secrets, once again, and to get to know these people a little more intimately.

Look for new classes coming up very soon!

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