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New Prints Debut Dec. 7 in Boise

As I continue to explore new territory with my mosaic light paintings, I have become aware of the inaccessibility of my work for many people who cannot afford it. In the past, I've always tried to create things that the average, non-wealthy person could obtain by creating small mosaic items. However, with the new work I'm doing combining painting and mosaic, I am confronted with a simple reality: it takes time. Layering the painting and mosaic adds tremendous depth to the pieces I'm creating, and it's labor intensive. Making it smaller doesn't mean it takes a lot less time. So how can I sell it for less?

So, I've been thinking about new ways how I can make my art affordable. Normally, painters create prints of their work to sell at low cost to their admirers. But how could I create an image of my work that encompasses the luminosity and two-sidedness of my mosaic light paintings?

As usual, the answer came through seeking advice from other artists. My stepsister, Caitlin, an artist, suggested printing on vellum or transparent plastic sheets, which the expert staff at Evermore Prints in Boise, Idaho, helped me do. The owner, Jake Soper is an artist himself, photographed my work in unique ways and in different lights, as well as suggesting print options. His wife, Moriya, is a detail-oriented manager who took loving care of me during the process of shooting, printing and digitizing the work.

Back in Antigua, I've been playing with the test prints, placing the image of the painted side back-to-back with an image of the mosaic side of each work, then mounting these two images between glass in a shadowbox-type frame.

The results are stunning, and I'm almost as excited about these transparent prints that let the light come through as I was when I created the original mosaic light paintings.

Here are photos of The Mermaid, a favorite image of many:

Here's the two sides of "Dancing Trees":

I will be showing off these and other prints, along with original mosaic light paintings on

First Friday in the

Garden City Live Work Create District


Urban Gallery

215 E. 34th St.

Garden City, ID

Friday, December 7

5:30 to 8:30 pm

An 8 x 8" framed print will sell for $50. 12 x 12" framed print, $75, and 11 x 14 framed prints will be $100.

Please join me if you are in Boise on December 7, and look for these prints on my website soon. You can always contact me at for more information or to inquire about purchase.

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