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Pop Up Show Nov. 4 in San Francisco

It's been too long since my last post.

Since my last post in August,, I have been to Guatemala and back to Boise, Las Vegas, and now San Francisco. Lots of doors opening, some closing. Its been a crazy busy time, with more than enough disaster for me, thank you very much, having left Las Vegas "the morning after", when the airport there resembled night of the living dead. Then, arriving in the Bay Area, with a quick breath of fresh ocean air laced with fog, when the toxic smoke from the Sonoma-Napa fires made a face mask necessary for me as I worked outside on the front door mosaic of a client here in San Francisco's Lower Haight-Duboce Park neighborhood. Here's a photo of the finished work:

It complements the piece I did for the owner's neighbor in June:

This has been a yet another fun, and wonderful way to meet another person. In this case, I was reaffirmed of the importance of our "angels", the invisible guides and protectors around us. I wanted this peacock to be the guardian of this home. Here is another shot of the piece, showing the trees outside that are repeated in the mosaic design:

And here is a gallery of images to relish. Click to see each one fully.

I've also been working on some new Mosaic Light Paintings, lighting, and other mosaic pieces for my

Pop Up Show

Saturday, November 4

12 pm to 7 pm

578 Waller Street

in San Francisco.

The exhibit will be mounted in the garage at 578 Waller, between Steiner and Pierce Streets.

You'll be able to view and purchase new works, as well as check out the mosaic windows for the front doors I've created here. I will be available for questions, and information about creating a unique piece of mosaic art in your home.

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