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More Mosaic Light Paintings Pop-Up in Boise on July 30.

I'm in Idaho now, on Lake Payette, enjoying the great peace, and relaxing into the divine elixir of sunlight falling over mountains, and shimmering on the changing lake surface. I've begun a new series of my Mosaic Light Paintings, a series I've been anticipating for months now, knowing how inspired I feel making art here.

While I'm here, I have the treat of creating in this beautiful environment and the opportunity to spend time with my family and old friends, making reconnections with special people who inspire and motivate my art and career as an artist. I'm looking forward to seeing one and all on Sunday, July 30, when I will present the works I am creating now.

SAVE THE DATE! LOCATION TO BE ANNOUNCED! Please stayed tuned for location and time details...

Meanwhile please enjoy this collection of photos of my recent works, shows, processes, and inspirations....

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