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Off to Festival Atitlan

I'm busy getting pieces signed and packed, little repairs made, and display figured out. I'm putting these onto a pick up truck headed for Santiago Atitlan, on the other side of the volcano, and site of long-held hippy music and art festival, with hours of live acts, food by local businesses including Cafe La Puerta, kid's events, art, camping, and much more than words can tell. This year I'm taking a few mosaic pieces to show, and, hopefully, sell.

Everything will be priced super-reasonable. You'll wish you were there to scoop up these pieces.

I've made a few new pieces for this show, all small pieces, easy enough to take away, if one falls in love. They're inspired by the volcanoes and the skies, the lake and the fiery sun. And many are just plain fun, truly unique pieces--from classic to crazy--that will hopefully find homes with some of the classic and crazy characters around Atitlan. I

Now, if I can just get my calendar set, I can tell you ahead of time the next time I'm doing one of these. Who knows; could be in your neck of the woods. Stay tuned!

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