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Mosaic-Making; Making Friends

One of the most interesting and gratifying parts of my creative process is getting to know people. Whether its making a new acquaintance or getting to know an old friend a little better, I've found that the mosaic commissions I've done are almost always the jumping off point for friendship. I see my work as an artistic medium of sorts, helping others realize an artistic vision that they might not have the skills or abilities to pull off themselves. I really enjoy getting to know others in the process of drawing out the idea, feeling, or story that the client has in mind, and bringing that to life for them. Its a fun way for me to get to see how others think, what they like, or what's important to them.

In this case, my current neighbors, Bob and Barb, a really lovely, friendly couple from The Netherlands, asked me to make a companion piece to one that they purchased from me previously. Although a small, simple piece, their request provided me with the opportunity to create a variation of the companion piece, as well as share my work, and my way of life, with them. They've been enjoying the relaxed pace and nature of life here in on Lake Atitlan, a break from the busy lives of corporate and government work. They seemed to appreciate not only my work, but my life choices--and the challenges I face--as an artist living in a small village in Guatemala, far away from the "real world" and the "art world". Their reflections provided me with an opportunity to appreciate, once again, my life here and the unique environment in which I am able to work. And, it was just plain fun chatting with them, as it reminded me of what I love about my work--getting to know people!

In addition to their new mosaics, I hope they're able to take a little of their life here home with them when they return to Holland next week.

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