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Blake Sherlock image of his Painted Blue Eyed Jaguar original copywrted work

In addition to having the great fortune to do what I love for a living, I've had the opportunity to create my art and live in some special places: San Francisco, New York, and my native Idaho. My 15 years living in Guatemala opened a new world of opportunities for my work, as well as opening my personal path of healing.  In 2021, I began to walk and live intentionally as an AJq'ij, a  Daykeeper in the Quiche Maya Lineage tradition. My work as a Ajq'ij is to be a bridge for the transmission of the ancient teachings of the Maya to modern people living in the Western world.  Rather than continuing to live and work inGuatemala, I relocated to McCall, Idaho, in 2020 where I continue to create my mosaic artwork as well as teaching others about the wisdom of the Maya and the gifts to be discovered inside the of the Cholq'ij Sacred Calendar.  I am available for consultations, to host retreats, and facilitate workshops on the Maya Cosmovision in Idaho and the US. 

Please check out my CLASSES page for upcoming events!

With over 30 years of experience creating my own unique mosaic art, I have had the opportunity to help my clients realize their creative dreams. I've enjoyed tremendous gratitude for all of the people who've invited me into their lives to create something for their home, their business, or for a gift for someone special.  Please, take a look at my GALLERY OF MOSAIC WORK and WORK FOR SALE pages to view and purchase my work, and please Contact me to commission a new work for you! 

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