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Welcome to My New Studio

One of the greatest blessings of the past year has been creating a new studio space for myself here in McCall, Idaho, where I am now living. In a bright corner of the garage with nice, big windows looking out onto the wild rose and huckleberry, now covered in snow, and the trunks of the giant Ponderosas, Firs and Tamaracks, the "environment" feels very natural for an indoor space. It is an inspired spot where I have made art in the past, particularly the Mosaic Light Paintings series I created here in 2018.

Now, with the integration of finished work, photos, sketch books, photography and various collections, projects and "archives" that were in various places in storage, I feel really grounded to have all my "stuff" under one roof. It has been gratifying and affirming to review the work I did in the past, to open old journals, look at old photos and rediscover my own creative history. A very good professional and creative exercise for me, indeed.

This space has inspired a few new pieces. It's also provided me with a creative platform to play in the studio, to create displays and vignettes with my work, to show it in different ways. Since I was a child, I have always enjoyed the creativity of arranging--dollhouses, rooms, flowers, dioramas, and displays of my own and other artists' work. My current studio provides a space to satisfy the urge to creative play and discovery. I am now looking at some of the old miniature furniture reproductions I made when I was 14 as material for new projecst. (Thank you, Madeline Behrens-Brigham, for the inspiration of your "diorama-esque" work of late!)

I've had a couple of close friends come to the studio as I get it ready for studio visits, and I've discovered that the studio is also a great environment for my storytelling. I really enjoy sharing stories about things in the studio that grab my guest's attention. Storytelling is part of the art. Ask me about a piece and I will tell you a story about it. One of my favorite artists, David Ireland, also liked to tell stories about his work. At one point, when confronted about contradicting stories in his work, Ireland remarked that the story was part of the art. While I may not be one to tell tall tales, I do believe that sharing stories about my art only enhances it's appreciation and understanding by the viewer. The studio is a quiet, un-pressured space to share this kind of interaction with my guests, clients, and fans.

As the spring weather is warming things up and things are opening up after a year of social isolating, it's my pleasure to invite you to my studio for a visit if you are in the McCall, Idaho, area. McCall is a beautiful summer vacation area in the cool mountains which becomes a super snowy play land in winter months. It is a place of exceptional beauty and peacefulness. Come for a visit, see what I'm working on, and learn more about what I do. Please contact me at to make an appointment and come by.


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