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The Big Wave-On view October 27 at Welcome Home in Antigua Guatemala

Here's a new piece of mosaic art that I'm excited to share.

Its a new shower surround mosaic for our public bathroom at Welcome Home Guesthouse in Antigua Guatemala.

It's inspired by the surf at Monterrico, about two hours south of Antigua on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. Going there has been a wonderful "escape' from my idyllic life in Antigua. The piece was completed using readily available commercial tile from a local hardware store, along with shells, and stones, and a piece of beach glass or two, all collected on the beach at Montericco.

I've thrown in glass marble "bubbles", and cup handles from coffee mugs I've broken, and I've tinted the grout to get some painertly effects to enhance my design.

I love these clouds, made with just frosted round gems (some cut in half) and a rather "crappy" bathroom tile, left over from the original Cafe La Puerta, my restaurant on the lakeshore in San Pedro Laguna that I began in 2007.

I enjoyed working out the curling waves, and creating that experience of discovering a treasure that the ocean has left behind, if only for a moment until the next wave comes and washes it away.

As I created this piece, I reflected on the popularity of beach imagery and coastal motifs so often used in bathroom tile and decoration. Thinking about how cleansed and invigorated I feel after a trip to the beach, I decided it's a pretty great inspiration for our bathing spaces. I know I am not the only one who feels healed, balanced, and refreshed by a trip to the beach. Now we and our guests will be enjoying "a trip to the beach" a little more often.

I wonder if this will actually encourage more trips to the beach itself?

Come see this and other new works at my

Exhibition and Sale

This Sunday, October 27

12 to 5 pm

7 Calle Oriente #20B

Antigua Guatemala

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